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Robb, aka Thak, began his blacksmithing career in 1987 at the age of 18. Like many teenage guys he was interested in weapons and armour and this was a primary motivation in his early exploration into blacksmithing. Art and history were (and continue to be) a major influence and source of inspiration for Robb. Utilizing blacksmithing in conjunction with other traditional crafts and modern metalworking techniques, Robb creates a wide variety of custom pieces for clients worldwide. His favourite projects are functional sculptures, usually with a sinister fantasy element. His studio, Thak Ironworks Inc. is located in Floradale Ontario, Canada.


Robb Martin

Thak Ironworks

2282 Floradale Rd, Floradale, ON N0B 1V0

Phone (519) 669 0721




Skulls and Crosses Bowl Holder Mild steel with an

oil-rubbed bronze finish $1000


Centipede Shelf Mild steel $250

Maternal Iron Mild steel $500

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