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Canvas Papers Used


We carry a wide range of canvases, from economy commercial to high end 100+ year archival. All canvases are custom profiled with our i1Photo Pro system, to give you the most accurate colour reproduction available, and not just “canned’ ICC profiles from Canon or Epson.


Hahnemühle and Breathing Color are our go to products. Depending on your needs as a photographer or artist, we can bring your preferred product in. Use the existing OEM ICC profile that is supplied, or we can create a custom profile for the canvas for a minimum work up fee.


Canvases we always stock:



Cézanne Canvas

Goya Canvas

Daguerre Canvas


Breathing Color

Lyve Canvas

Silverada Metallic Canvas

Chromata White Canvas

800M Canvas


Each substrate provides a different look and feel depending on the canvas used, and subject matter.

Glamour II Veneer UV Spray Protectant

Glamour II Veneer, an award-winning and proprietary canvas varnish (and/or giclee varnish), has been developed to protect, preserve and enhance your fine art or canvas print. It will enhance the colour of pigmented and Piezography inks on matte media. It will protect your expensive images against moisture,  abrasion and increase resistance to image fading.


The combination of Glamour II Veneer with our Archival Canvas delivers the most archival and colour-stable fine art reproduction available. 

The protectant is applied to the canvas using a Fuji spray system, when applied appears milky white that dries to clear finish.

We provide a minimum of 2 coats of Glamour II Veneer to protect your print.

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