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Piezography B&W



A PIEZOGRAPHY SYSTEM Is a combination of a monochromatic carbon based inks, software, and an alternative printer driver used to convert an Epson printer from an all-purpose printer to the highest quality black & white printer available. The software includes proprietary media profiles for use with a special printer driver called Quad Tone RIP (QTR). Epson systems use three shades of black ink which are combined with colour inks to produce both b&w and colour prints. However, this is not a professional b&w solution nor is it the b&w highest standards solution. It is the best compromise that Epson offers as a solution for consumers, scrapbookers, signage, trade show graphics, photo enthusiasts, and pros.

Piezography is a no-compromise solution designed for only one purpose - producing the finest possible b&w prints. Piezography systems use no fewer than 6 shades and as many as 10 shades of carbon-based black ink that when combined with the proprietary Piezography media profiles produce tens of thousands of more grey levels than an Epson ink set.


Here at Artography Elora, we use the Epson 7890 with the new Piezography Pro inks of 8 shades of black inks and the Gloss Chroma Optimizer. PIEZOGRAPHY PRO COOL AND WARM INK SETS. They created two new Piezography Pro ink sets that we installed into the printer. One set is cool toned and the other is warm toned. Each is available as a quad or quint set depending upon your print requirements. They are designed to be blended together in their proprietary process so that at least 7 different inks are interacting and printing producing tens of thousands of grey levels. The two ink sets share one Matte Black, a super High-Density Photo Black, and a new type of Gloss Chroma Optimizer.


You can read more about the inks used in the process here

The RIP we use is QTR RIP from Roy Harrington.

A Piezography system uses finer screening algorithms than Epson to produce significantly higher acuity. Your images will appear more detailed without having to artificially sharpen them.

A sophisticated monochromatic ink profiler insures that highlights and shadows are greatly expanded and grayscale is produced without unwanted defects in smoothness. By using more shades of ink than an Epson ink set, your highlights and shadows will actually be more detailed.

Piezography prints exhibit startling depth along with a unique ability to render smooth tone. This is where tens of thousands of additional grey levels pay off!

Epson ABW allows you to remain in 16bit but can only render a few hundred grey levels. Piezography is the only system that can actually print tens of thousands of grey levels matching the true power of 16bit image files.

Piezography glossiness is industry unique. OEM systems suffer from varying levels of gloss differential. Piezography glossy prints appear to replicate traditional darkroom glossiness in which the tone and paper white have matched glossiness. On some papers, Piezography Pro glossy exceeds the finest traditional enlarger wet process darkroom prints. 

Piezography fine art matte prints have a surface that is often described as sumptuous, velvety or containing "breath". Piezography's meticulously prepared carbon pigment has a narrow distribution band of particle sizes resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing reflection of light back to the viewer.

With the darkest dMax in the industry, Piezography will benefit any photographer wanting to put their best foot forward.


See for yourself by commissioning a print of your work from Artography Elora. Bring in a copy of your print (and original file), and we will show you how to take your prints to the next level in a side by side comparison.

We currently offer papers from Epson, Hahnemule, Breathing Color and Canson that are custom profiled with our i1 Photo Pro2 spectrophotometer. If you have a preference of another paper, it can be ordered in and profiled upon request and payment for the custom paper(s).

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