The Journey Begins...


Consultation Stage

Follow along in the process of local photographer Dan Dunlop's new exhibit coming to the Penstock Lounge in the Elora Mill.
We have already verified lighting in the Penstock, and are doing minor adjustments for lighting then running hard proofs prior to final prints. As you see here in the consultation process. 


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Hard Proofing

In the image below, you can see the 2nd part of the printing process. We run a hard proof of the image, letting it dry overnight (Matte prints, canvas or fine art paper requires outgassing to properly evaluate the print). The hard print local photographer Dan Dunlop is holding under the proofing light is set for lighting conditions for the wall where that print will hang.


















Dan approved the proof and we are good to go to final print!

p.s. Overhead lighting was on just to do this image of us. Editing and proofing is done in a dimly lit room (see the blackout shade covering the window). Stay tuned, MTC…

Printed and hung to dry (outgas). 

Here you can see in the video, the prints hanging to dry overnight. The following day they will be sprayed with 2 coats minimum of a UV veneer protectant.

Glamour II Veneer UV Spray Protectant

Below you can see the spraying process of a print. The protectant is applied to the canvas using a Fuji spray system, when applied appears milky white that dries to clear finish.

It helps protect the image against moisture, abrasion and image fading.


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